Our Services

Getting started....
We will come and do a free verbal assessment of what we think the sale will net financially. The estimate would include our 30% commission which will be deducted from Our Sale report.. There is no cost to the client up front.  All expenses are paid through our commissions. Please be aware that some areas may require reimbursement of Gas expense or other charges if we are unable to assist you with your sale..

A packet of information including references and contracts is available upon request and is sent to prospective clients.

During 2020 We also include how we follow CDC guidelines for COVID 19.    

A New Choice in 2020 is an ONLINE Estate sale using lot numbers and a new Platform available from Estatesales.net which would allow for a sale to be posted for a week to 2 weeks and the items picked up onsite with Staff who have Masks. We supply Gloves and sanitizer .  CURBSIDE Pickups occasionally chosen by buyers....

Once the family or owner has removed all items not to be sold, the premises is turned over to CEL and we do the rest.  It is not even necessary for the family or owner to be on site while the sale is being conducted.

Before the Sale......
Staff members begin working several days or weeks before the sale.   Articles are sorted and organized by category: kitchenware, linens, clothing, books, etc..  Photographs of many furniture, art, silver and Major items are normally taken a momth or 6 weeks out from sale date to maximize exposure to buyers.

Staff can box up personal family items such as letters,photographs, bank records, etc.  Nothing personal, monogrammed or private is sold unless instructed by the client.  Anything we feel should not be sold is put away before the sale begins. Every item is priced and all items are attractively displayed. Advertisements are placed in newspapers and on the Internet and flyers are mailed out.  We maintain an extensive library to research certain items

The Day of the Sale....
*The sale starts at the advertised time
*No one is admitted early unless agreed by all contracted Parties...
*Nothing is pre-sold to realtors or prospective home buyers unless previously approved by our company as per our contract...

Day 1 is items are as priced, Day 2 discounts will be given.

After the Sale is over....
Remaining items may be:  

*Liquidated by competitive bids or offered buyout by our company or a Buyout auctioneer that exist in 2020..                 
*Put on consignment with a local auctioneer suggested by our company due to existing relationships with honest, tested, auctioneers.                                                      
*Donated to a charitable organization with a tax receipt obtained to follow with a list in a tablet of our pricetags to be used as a tax document. This is sent separate from settlement report. ..             

*Can be Disposed of by the Client or estate as per agreement.

A written Report of all items sold and settlement is made with the client within two weeks of the sale.  If a Large sale is done it may take up to 3 weeks for the report.

For a more detailed description of our Sales and Services, contact us for a full packet of information.

Contact us If you have questions or want more information,
Mail:  Cartwright Estate Liquidations, Inc.
         Post Office Box 713
         Hazlehurst, Mississippi 39083
Phone:    Paul - (662) 571-2922        Wendy - (601) 573-2806
E-mail:   celinc2003@yahoo.com      celinc2003@gmail.com